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Military and Force Resistant Shelters

A desirable alternative for mobile and military buildings since Zipflat is easy to deploy, force resistant, highly insulated and flexible in design.

Easy to Deploy
• Simple, very simple to build
• Easier than a tent to erect
• One 20’ container holds 1,600 sf of insulated, force resistant buildings
• Only simple hand tools required (included with each kit)

Force Resistant
• Comprised of no fragment–able materials
• Is easy to add ballistic panels
• Calculated to resist 200lbs TNT equivalent at 50 feet stand-off

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Highly Insulated
• R-25 insulation factor walls and roof
• Solid state construction with closed cell foam making it virtually leak proof

Flexible Designs
• Customizable floor plans
• Standard units are 102 sf and can be stacked for larger floor plans
• Walls are initially open to allow for easy insertion of conduit, plumbing or other in-wall items

Competitive Advantages
• Fast to deploy
• Easy to build
• Pound for pound the most force resistant structure ever made
• Highly blast resistant

Click here to see our roof panel load test August 2011

Watch our force test still Video.

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EXCLUSIVE: See our Pre-Det Panels


The ZipFlat Roof System
• This 12.5’ x 8’ ZipRoof weighs only 338lbs and supports 16.2 tons of overhead weight
• Unsupported span; no columns needed
• Ship cube at 18.4cf; easily fits in one Humvee
• Assembly time 1.5 hours with one soldier

See our Roofing Overhead Protection


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