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ZipFlat Affordable Housing

Easy to Build
• Uses simple hand tools
• Pop-open, snap together, and pour the foam
• Simple assembly steps that any laborer can follow
• Erect a 102 sf house, dried in, in several hours

Extreme Protection from the Elements
• Earthquake resistant
• Uses no large wood, metal, or cement/stone/brick materials
• Various anchoring methods for wind resistance

Highly Insulated
• R-25 insulation factor for walls and roof
• Solid state construction with closed cell foam makes it virtually leak proof

Add Many Finishes
• ZipFlat houses are structurally sound and ready to be finished with brick, drywall, or siding.
• ZipFlat wall easily accept conduit, plumbing and/or structural columns
• Pre-hung door and windows are simple to add

Competitive Advantage
• Easiest and fastest home to build
• Meets or exceeds safety standards
• Ends the need to evacuate families so it keeps neighborhoods together
• Can use a lot of local materials: panels can be alternatively filled with local materials like rubble, earth, cement, grass, or other stuffing
• Very affordable

ZipFlat offers a flexible building material.  ZipFlat panels can be ordered in a multitude of shapes and sizes for almost any building design.  ZipFlat panels snap together easily so that you can quickly build large, strong structures or houses.


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